About Nico G Silk Art


Driven by his utter fascination with colors, Nico began to explore the world of two dimensional art from a very young age. During his childhood and young adult years he experimented with various coloring media from pencil to crayon, pastels to water colors. His interest in art grew as he matured, exploring the many facets of the creative worlds of music/singing, dancing, writing, cooking, and designing.

Toward the end of his undergraduate studies in Fashion Design, Nico had an amazing opportunity to work for and be mentored by a successful artist in Tampa, FL, Jane Murray Lewis. She introduced him to the world of silk painting on lush China Silk and the application of vibrant Senellier Fabric Dyes, combined with a French Bas Relief technique to create unique three dimensional art.

After devoting many years to his craft, Nico fused his academic training in Fashion Design, passion for color, and astute eye for composition with his new-found love of Silk painting to create his design and art. He brings to life in his painting the sights, texture and rich multicultural heritage of his equatorial roots of Indonesia. His love of music, dance, and literature also intensely influence him and his work.

Relocating to the Central Savannah River Area three years ago, and gathering further inspiration from his newfound home in the South, Nico is introducing his unique artistic skills to the region.

Each art work is individually hand crafted. While there are similar designs in a series, no two are alike in color and detail.

To find out more about Nico and his art work please email him at  NicoGSilkArt@Outlook.com.

For pricing and ordering information please make requests at NicoGSilkArt@Outlook.com.

Please “Like” Nico’s Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/Nico-G-Silk-Art/

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