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” Stimulating personal experience in viewers through my artwork is a driving force behind my creative process. I strongly believe Art in whatever form it takes, is not to be explained by the creator but to be experienced and elaborated upon by each individual spectator. With my art I do not wish to dictate a message or a thought but instead deliver an experience that is individualized and personal for each viewer. It is not about my ideas, inspiration, message, or statement… the most important thing about art is the personal narrative which each individual viewer brings to the experience.

A recent event affirmed my artistic perspective. I encountered a wheelchair-bound art enthusiast at a weekend art festival at my display booth. Her husband saw one of my pieces and decided to return and show it to his wife. As soon as she saw the piece her previously sullen face brightened and a wide grin appeared. She engaged me and proceeded to relay a personal story.

“My friends always affectionately tell me that I move as fast as a turtle,” she said in a slow, stilted voice. “And this is me,” as she pointed to the image of a turtle in my painting.

This lovely woman viewed my painting, excitedly saw herself in it, and provided the perfect statement for my painting. I could not have said it better. At that point I was poignantly reminded that I am not the one to explain how others should see my work.

Through my art I fuse my Indonesian ancestry with the newly acquired culture of my adopted country of America. Ultimately, I hope to show that art transcends the boundaries of race, language, culture, religion, and ethnicity.”

– Nico Gozal


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From Nico G Silk Art Reserved Collection 2019


“Dis- Connected”


citra buana

“Citra Buana” (The portrait of world) size 20 x 20 inches

putaran resah

“Putaran Resah” (Anguish) size 20 x 20 inches.




“Weathering the Storm” Size 11 x 14


“Leave your mark !” size 10 x 20


Wave I           Wave II        Wave III      Wave IV



“By the Way of Water “. Hand painted silk on canvas. 20 x 30



“Empty Beach” . Hand painted silk on canvas. 14 x 20



“H2O Concerto”



“Element 27”


Silk on Canvas:


The Shore of Komodo Island.  12 x 12



Midnight Vibration. 12 x 12



The Rain Forest. 12 x 12



H2o Concerto. 12 x 12


 Silk Scupltures:


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“The Froth of the Ocean” Size 11 x 14 x 1.5


“H2O Concerto” size: 11 x 14 x 1



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"H2O Concerto-2nd movement". Size 16 x 20 x 2.5


Batik Van Java:





Island of the Gods: 





3 Dimensional Art

Bas relief Technique

Size 8 by 10



size 11 by 14


size 16 by 20



size 20 by 30



In Nature



The Wabi Sabi Trilogy:


The Mega Mendung Trilogy:





Birds of Paradise: